More grapes = more acres

Generating £20 billion in economic activity and £10.9 billion in sales, the UK’s wine market is the sixth largest in the world, the second largest trader by volume (behind Germany) and the second largest trader by value (behind the USA).  With UK sparkling wine sales up by 37% since 2012, there can be no surprise that the UK wine industry is bursting to increase its share of the market. Continue reading “More grapes = more acres”

Oh my Cod!

After tasting a Bacchus produced by Winbirri Vineyard, Norfolk, Olley’s Fish Experience, has been praised for developing the most extensive English wine list ever seen in a fish and chip shop.

The chippy, based in Herne Hill, London, has not only added nine wines from five counties (Kent, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and Dorset) but has paired each one to accompany its ‘legendary’ fish suppers. Continue reading “Oh my Cod!”

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