A winemaker’s guide to blending

Advances in technology and wine science support winemakers in achieving the highest quality wines but blending still fundamentally relies on the capability of the winemaker, their palate and experience – and is a skill which must be learnt. Vineyard asks David Cowderoy, a winemaker of 30 years who has prepared blends for many wine styles all around the world, for some practical tips. 

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It’s bottling time!

It’s that time of year again when winemakers lose sleep worrying about getting their beautifully crafted wines into bottle without ‘stuffing up’ the quality – and praying that there won’t be any re-fermentation or other issues. Vineyard finds out the steps winemakers take to ‘get it right’ before the wine goes into bottle, to ensure that wines reach the customer in the best possible condition.

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Building your pied à terre

The black art of winery design.

Back in the June 2019 edition of Vineyard Magazine, I touched upon the future of grape production in the UK. In the article, I cited the bountiful 2018 vintage that graced us with the largest crop seen in our tiny industry for some time, but not without its troubles. This brought to mind a familiar quote: “With great power comes great responsibility” (I’m aware that this well-known Stan Lee proverb is obscure, but stay with me!)

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