Meet the people behind the wines

The wine students at Plumpton College are fortunate to have Dr Akshay Baboo and Deepika Koushik as part of the international teaching team, bringing their knowledge and talent – both academic and practical – from around the world. They are also married.  Akshay is the Programme Manager for the undergraduate degrees in wine production and teaches winemaking. Deepika is the Winemaker at Plumpton and teaches winery operation skills. 

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An overview from down under

As honorary president of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), the intergovernmental organisation of which the UK is now a member, Australian-based international viticulturist Peter Hayes is able to maintain a broad connection with a wide array of issues confronting the global grape and wine industry, as well as with the experts within OIV member countries. With his experience mentoring the UK sector through the WineSkills programme, his elevated position and ‘birds’ eye’ view, Vineyard asks Peter Hayes for his valuable perspective on the UK industry. 

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Research critical for industry success

Research, science, and innovation underpin the sustainability and development of vine growing and wine production – which is why most serious wine growing regions of the world have some form of R&D function. Vineyard speaks to Dr Alistair Nesbitt, Geoff Taylor and Dr Greg Dunn, key contributors to some of the important cross-industry projects ensuring our resilience for a successful future.

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Meet the people behind the wines

The first ‘life-changing’ vines were planted in 2004, by Jonica and Gerard Fox, with the philosophy to simply make the most delicious wines – to make every glass poured joyous. Fortunately, they already had a portfolio of skills which have been invaluable in developing their thriving boutique business
Fox & Fox – but have also found themselves mastering skills they had never even heard of! Vineyard speaks to Jonica Fox.

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