Vineyard expansion

For an existing vineyard looking to expand its growing operations, especially here in the South East, the options can initially appear limited. Having acted for Champagne Tattinger and its UK agency, Hatch Mansfield, to find a suitable site in Kent, we spent over a year searching on their behalf before introducing their new site at Chilham. Domaine Evremond, which was planted in 2017, promises to introduce 300,000 bottles per year of premium English sparkling wine. Continue reading “Vineyard expansion”

Does farm subsidies reform mean cheaper land for vineyards?

29 March 2019 will be a watershed. Currently, the 33.6 million that voted in the referendum watch with increasing disbelief as UK leaders attempt to negotiate an exit from the European Union while parties fight openly among themselves. And as for the exit process this appears to do no more than stagger from side to side like a passenger aboard a cross channel ferry in rough seas! Nevertheless, the prime minister is emphatic we will leave the EU next year, we just have to wait to see if that is with or without a deal! Continue reading “Does farm subsidies reform mean cheaper land for vineyards?”

Renting Vineyard Land

Whether you are an established grower looking to expand an existing operation, a new grower looking to plant a vineyard under a new venture, or a landowner with land suitable for vines, but not wanting to go into viticulture yourself, the questions about renting land are becoming more frequent.  We know it’s not a new industry by any means, but it’s fair to say that unlike other farming sectors, comparable evidence of what a market rent should be for vines is in short supply. Continue reading “Renting Vineyard Land”

Savills: Business planning for viticulture

Grape growing and winemaking in the UK has changed enormously during the past 20 years and most notably over the past three years. England and Wales now have more than 5,000 acres under vine, with 500 commercial vineyards and over 130 wineries producing internationally award winning wines, thoroughly deserving their flourishing reputation. In recognition of this burgeoning sector, Savills viticulture team has been established. Continue reading “Savills: Business planning for viticulture”

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