The vine post

Working with the GLAA at harvest 2020.

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This year’s harvest looks to be an even more challenging affair than normal with the added complications of Covid-19 and the risks to workers. For most vineyards this is the time of highest demand for staff and a large proportion of pickers will be seasonal workers supplied via viticultural contractors like Vine Works. Growers clearly need to know that the staff they are supplied with are reliable, hardworking, healthy and have the right to work in the UK, so sourcing should always be via a GLAA licensed provider.

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Winery design

As the UK viticulture sector has matured through the last decade we have seen a parallel shift in the requirements and aspirations of our clients who are looking to build new, or expand existing, wine production facilities. Until recently UK wineries generally consisted of simple farm shed conversions or agricultural barns. 

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