The Provitis Multi Brush SRBH 22 both bud rubs and weed strims

The two rotating brush heads work either side of the canopy overlapping in the centre to provide a clean sweep. The Multi Brush is just another tool which can be fitted to the Provitis mast in the same way as the trimmer, deleafer, pre pruner etc. 

At the front of each brush is a bar which touches the vine stem and gently pushes the head away with a return spring bringing the head back to the original position. The two heads can be moved laterally away from each other to allow a wider passageway around the vines and also the over row head can be adjusted for height, compared to the tractor side head, should the ground be uneven. 

A simple in cab hand control allows the operator to infinitely adjust the rotational speed of the straps as it is necessary to slow down when bud rubbing but speed up when strimming. The bar in front of the straps is adjusted out when strimming so that the straps don’t touch the vine stems but is retracted when bud rubbing in order that the straps do touch the stem and knock off the buds. 

The machine is available for sale or hire from Vitifruit Equipment but the tractor must be 60hp or more and the vines should be at least four years old with sturdy vertical trunks.   

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