Whitehead Monckton: Important documents

The Standard Terms are potentially the most important document in your business. They should create a contractual and legally binding relationship between you and the other party and set out the terms on which you do business. The Standard Terms normally sets out a number of key contractual rights and obligations which must be adhered to by both parties, as well as the consequences if the provisions are broken.  The Standard Terms therefore give increased clarity and understanding between the parties such that there are, hopefully, no or few disputes.

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Pass me the crystal ball

So far this season, my comments about spring weather conditions in the April issue are ringing true. It has certainly been one of those ‘stop – start’ years so far and this is showing in the vineyard. Shoot growth is uneven; at the time of writing about 50% of shoots are almost at the top wire, while the others are lagging way behind. I do recall the term ‘seasonality’ being used to describe how consistent or inconsistent the weather is during a growing season. Another observation is how well the rachises have developed, with well separated branches and I am hopeful that the bunches will develop with more room for movement i.e. less compaction and lower Botrytis risk. 

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