If you have a frost problem in your vineyard now is the time to act.

The biggest names in wine all rely on consistently great grapes. However, it’s hard to ensure financial stability when you can’t control the weather. 

Many vineyards are in areas prone to early season radiation frosts, and when they occur post bud-burst the results can be devastating. 

Yet, vine damage and yield losses can be avoided through better understanding of your vineyard frost risk and the implementation of effective frost protection solutions. With harvest upon us don’t take your eye off the ball, plan now to be frost safe in 2020.

Here is our three step FROST SAFE recommendation:

1. Undertake a Frost Risk Assessment using a scientific tool – VineMAP 

At Vinescapes, to support the growing English wine production sector, we have developed the Vineyard suitability Mapping and Assessment Platform (VineMAP) a state-of-the-art ultra high-resolution online tool that can be used to rapidly and objectively model frost risk and climatic conditions in vineyards. VineMAP also provides terrestrial and land suitability evaluations for vineyards. 

Visit www.vinescapes.com/vinemap-online for more information. 

We are offering a 15% discount on VineMAP (using code: vinemag15) to English vineyards if frost risk assessments are ordered before 31st October 2019.

2. Expert opinion

Once the radiation frost risks in your vineyard(s) are fully understood it is important that you seek expert opinion on the right frost protection equipment and/or strategies.There is no one size fits all solution. 

At Vinescapes we provide independent advice to vineyards (globally) on the most effective means of protecting vines from frost.

 3. If you need it, now is the time to order your frost protection equipment

If you need frost protection equipment, including Bougies, Mobile Frost Fans, Selected Inverted Sinks, heating units or other systems now is the time to order them to secure delivery and set-up in time for March 2020. 

We’ll be providing more FROST SAFE advice on our website and twitter @vinescapesUK over the coming months. Please join our mailing list, for regular updates and offers.