Inno’vin, the only vine and wine innovation cluster in France, supports networking, innovation and business development throughout the wine industry’s ecosystem. 

At this year’s Vineyard & Winery Show, the Bordeaux and Cognac-based cluster will be showcasing the expertise of six innovative French supplier companies on stand H7. From the vineyard to the cellar and on to the market, these key players offer turnkey solutions for all grape and wine production needs.

  • In the cellar, create perfect terroir-driven and fruit-forward wines with Biopythos’ ceramic and porcelain eggs for winemaking and ageing with controlled oxygen supply.
  • Parsec’s overall oenological control systems and micro-oxygenation allow the production of quality wines, thanks to impressive technology and complete control of vinification based on the analysis and valorization of fermentation CO2. 
  • Discover the energy optimisation solutions and qualitative benefits of CO2 Winery, a method for capturing and reusing carbon in the winemaking process. 
  • Laboratoires Dubernet & SRDV provide innovative, high-performance analyses and a consulting service for the entire production process, from the vine to the bottle.
  • RVS Consultants Viticoles present an overall agroecological approach through technical consulting, with a specificity of optimising inputs with geolocated vigour mapping. 
  • EtOH supports companies in the wine sector with digital transformation and task optimisation, improving corporate social responsibility performance in the winery. 


Vine and wine industry of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France  

A unique structure in France, Inno’vin is an association which brings together more than 180 members (producers, traders and suppliers, research centers and institutions), particularly around Bordeaux and Cognac. Inno’vin aims to develop innovation within the wine industry to promote its competitiveness, helping its members to develop innovation projects and providing them with personalized services including promotion of their solution. Since its creation in 2010, Inno’vin has successfully supported more than 150 innovation projects across the entire value chain, from vines to glass, which represent nearly 50 million euros of investment in R&D in the vitiviniculture sector. Inno’vin is proud to host six innovative companies at their stand at the Vineyard & Winery Show 2023.

Six companies will be present at the Inno’vin stand with performant and innovative solutions


Ceramic jars and eggs (stoneware and porcelain) for winemaking and aging

Biopythos, based in Limoges, France, manufactures ceramic jars, amphorae, or eggs with capacities from 1L to 550L. The control of the complete production chain allows Biopythos to manage the characteristics of the jars, amphorae, or eggs in terms of micro-oxygenation and can even adjust this permeability of the ceramic on request. Ceramic fired at high temperature (between 2280 and 2354°F) is a neutral material that is inert towards wine, leaving room for the terroir to be tasted.


Innovative wine and vine analysis

The first independent oenological laboratories in Europe, the group offers various services including oenological analyzes and vineyard audit and expertise, supporting environmental, agronomic, or R&D projects. Dubernet offers a range of innovative, high-performance analyzes. Terra Mea: our exclusive uses innovative, exclusive, and patented technology for direct measurement of soil fungi and bacteria. Cyto-3D wines is our revolutionary method for microbiological analysis of wines and musts. It allows precise and distinct counting of all populations in just a few seconds.


Digital transformation of the wine sector

EtOH’s expertise is their differentiation: passionate about the wine, beer, and spirits sectors and keen on IT and data. The result? EtOH, a team capable of reinventing everything: your history, your techniques, your future. They analyse your processes and issues and find the right solution, thanks to solid digital solutions and a constant search for innovation. To support you, we have developed key skills for 360° support: marketing and communication, consulting, performance, innovation, training, application development, etc.  


Centralised and proactive engineering and supervision of oenological processes, Industry 4.0 dynamic traceability software

Since 1997 Parsec has been pioneering the automation of processes in oenology, designing and manufacturing award winning solutions as well as delivering turnkey projects dedicated to the winemaking industry. Integration, accuracy, and control are the strong points of Parsec’s systems and equipment, able to generate appropriate responses standing out for application power and reliability. Parsec’s unique and exclusive solutions include oenological process automation and traceability SW, in-process equipment, turnkey winery projects, and oenological consultancy.


A customised and concrete consulting applied to the vineyard, optimising inputs with geolocated vigor mapping

RVS Consultants Viticoles was founded in 2003 and has a team of four consultants. They have more than 100 clients in Bordeaux, Southwest and the Mediterranean zone, Val de Loire and Champagne, and monitor in 3,000 ha of vines annually. They offer concrete consulting services including global technical support; independent phytosanitary consulting from treatment to analysis of residues in wines; Fertilisation, soil maintenance, global management; management of new plantations, agro-pedological audit; terroir mapping; vigor mapping; agroecology and environmental approaches.


Circular economy and CO2 recovery

In 2022, the CO2 Winery offer was launched to provide a global response to the various possibilities for capturing and recovering fermentative CO2, and in turn designs offer to support wineries in reducing their carbon footprint, cutting costs, optimising their processes and promoting a circular economy. Five processes for the valorisation of fermentative CO2 are proposed: VALECARB®, LESSALCO®, CO2VINIF, COMPCO2, CO2 WATER and propose dedicated studies for the needs of the wineries.