August’s Words from the editor

On my table at the Wines of Great Britain Awards presentation (see page 16) one topic of conversation couldn’t help but rear its ugly little head… what shall we call English sparkling wine? Britagne, Merret, British Fizz / BritFizz, Original British Method, Micans Vinum, Verve, Albion, Sparklish, Laetus, Lizzy, Celebritain, BritPop, Brubbly, Trafalgar, English, Quintessence, did I miss any? Continue reading “August’s Words from the editor”

June’s Words from the Editor

Awards season is upon us and the array of platinum and gold medals picked up in the international competitions is certainly reinforcing the exponential growth in the quality of ‘home-grown’ wines. In the WineGB Awards, judge Oz Clarke praised producers for the array of “simply world-class” English Sparkling Wines “which can now be judged on the same playing field as Champagne” (see page 12) and it is clear that the industry’s reputation is continuing to be built upon on this category. Continue reading “June’s Words from the Editor”

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