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Platinum anniversary: Established in 1952, Hambledon vineyard is a British, family-run wine producer and claims to be the oldest commercial vineyard in the UK.
How do you feel? Rebecca Farmer holidaying in Rutland describes a vineyard visit from a tourist point of view.
A passion for viticulture: Virgil and Adina Moise spent a lot of time in 2021 setting up Vitis Care UK Limited.
In February 2022 the business became operational and it didn’t take long before it was overwhelmed with demand.
Our feathered friends or foes: Jo Cowderoy finds out the best ways to deter our feathered friends and other pesky creatures from the vines and encourage them to go elsewhere for their meals.
Matthew Jukes: Blanc de Blancs bring drama to the table like no other style of sparkling wine.