Kent branding agency Oak Creative have been working with food and drinks brands for over 30 years. Their heritage and experience in this industry means they have been on many journeys with their clients to create award winning wine designs that stand out.

Laura Bevan, Studio director at Oak Creative, said: ‘With so many incredible wines entering the UK market, creating a label which quickly communicates your product and your brand is essential to catch your audience’s attention.’ 

Biddenden Vineyard have worked with Oak Creative over the last 20 years to establish and develop their label design. Most recently, they have unified their labels into a classic, simple and high-end design across their range of wines. As the oldest commercial vineyard in Kent, Biddenden Vineyard has forged a path for UK vineyards and their brand needed to represent this. 

Marketing manager Jessica Banks said: ‘It’s important that all brand touch points tell a consistent story about your brand, whether that be a label or website. Customers want to know who they are buying from and why. They want to see and feel authenticity in order to relate to you and choose your brand over others.’

Ensuring people recognise your brand and products online is as important as it is in a retail environment. The online experience needs to instil confidence, consistency and provide customers with a great experience, just as in a physical store. 

As well as offering branding services, Oak Creative has built an ecommerce platform for food and drink businesses called FoodE. Combining their creative know-how and online sales expertise, FoodE offers businesses a professional website as well as a whole host of additional features designed to boost online sales.

Biddenden Vineyard has a FoodE powered website and they have been impressed with the results it has given their business. ‘”Our new site gives our customers a much better shopping experience. As consumers ourselves, we know how small attention spans can be when shopping online, so we’ve added features to really help our customers find what they need fast. Plus, everything now links together internally and we’re really confident in its capabilities which is so reassuring for the future,” said Anne Jennings, Biddenden Vineyard, Marketing Manager.