Royston Labels is a leading UK supplier of self-adhesive labels with particular expertise in the wines and spirits sector. The company has been led by managing director Paul Clayton for over 30 years, and has recently enjoyed industry success, winning Label of the Year at the Packaging Awards 2017 and Best in Show at the FINAT Awards 2017 for a London Cru wine label.

Paul Clayton talks about his team’s award-winning approach to label manufacturing:

Although ultimately a designer is responsible for the artwork element of a label, there are many ways a manufacturing company such as Royston can help bring the label to life. When we receive a design we go about evaluating the artwork and giving input. As long as we understand what the designer and client are trying to achieve, we can give direction that will enhance the packaging and deliver a fantastic result.

Typically we start with the material the label is printed on – while some designers will specify a material, others rely on our input. We consider the desired texture and feel of the label, along with the colour – does it need to be bright or subtle? metallic? black? We use several material suppliers and that allows us to pick a material and adhesive that best suit the application.

We then look at printing and embellishments. Either we print the label conventionally or use digital technology (both processes have their unique benefits). Generally the main decisions would be around special colours, run length, and overall decoration.

Foil is used widely as an embellishment, applied hot or cold depending upon the material choice. At Royston we are able to run more than one colour and add texture and effects to the foil surface. This may be done to enhance the decoration or as a security feature. If we combine foiling with another embellishment such as embossing some innovative effects can be created.

Contrasting varnishes are another popular feature. We use two different printing processes for adding varnish, allowing us to go from standard coatings to high builds in a very high gloss or matte finish.

On a final note, these processes require expertise and careful coordination – only through the hard work and skill of our experienced team can we really bring a label to life.