Balfour Winery, one of England’s leading producers, has today unveiled a new logo and rebrand set to feature across all facets of the 22-year-old company.

The new emblem, which is an artistic representation of their state-of-the-art winery, will be rolled out across the business this spring. Meanwhile, all mention of ‘Hush Heath Estate’ on the logo has been removed.

The revamp also includes a major change to the “Jake’s Drinks” beer and cider brand – which will also now fall under the Balfour overall name as Balfour Reserve Lager and Estate Cider. These products will launch on the 1st of April across Balfour’s chain of ten pubs, as well as in several retailers.

The roll-out of the new look on Balfour’s wines will begin in earnest this spring with the 1503 range – which is stocked nationwide at UK specialist Majestic. This also includes the removal of the Union Jack design on Balfour’s labels and the introduction of a slanted design which echoes the architecture of the winery.

The Balfour Group’s Marketing Director, Jack Merrylees, hopes the changes will help to simplify the brand – and bring more people into the English Wine category. “We wanted to bring a fresh new look to the Balfour name – something more modern and elegant. There’s been some confusion in the past about who we really are; Hush Heath, Balfour, Jake’s. This move brings everything together under one, coherent brand – and we hope that when people see our emblem, whether on our wonderfully accessible 1503 wines, more esoteric releases or beers and ciders, they can trust the quality within”.

As one of the country’s most-visited vineyards, Balfour is already planning for another summer of record-visitor numbers, and Merrylees hopes the new branding can help further entice visitors to their Kent-based winery, which is just 45 minutes by train from London.

“This evolution of our branding showcases what makes Balfour truly special; our home. Our biggest asset as a brand is our incredible winery – and the 400 acres of wildflower meadows, ancient woodlands, orchards and vineyards which surround it. So getting a representation of that home on our labels and on shelves across the UK is key for us.

“We’re excited to get this branding live across our physical sites too, at the winery and in our ten pubs. And as part of this rebrand we’ll be launching new brand campaigns, a new website and new collateral, all to futher connect the Balfour Winery name with our incredible home,” added Merrylees.