Sally Murphy, her partner Harry, and their business partners Chris and Sam opened ‘unauthentically Italian’ eatery Squisito. With its expertly cooked, locally sourced menu, the wine list had to be special, and it delivers. Where Chris and Harry take the reigns in the kitchen, and Sam’s accountancy skills keep the business running behind the scenes, General Manager Sally shared how the skills she learned at Plumpton studying Wine Business helped her create Squisito’s exceptional wine menu.

“I’d always worked in hospitality but I knew I still wanted to learn more, like on a university course. Once I’d started getting really into wine, going to more tastings, and finding it interesting, something clicked and Plumpton College just made sense. It was a natural progression from working in hospitality to studying Wine Business. I was doing something I loved.

“We studied so much, putting together the ABCs of wine, right through WSET. Different regions, why certain wines taste the way they do, but also the business side of it as well. Half of it was business content, but it was all related to the wine industry, this made it so much easier to connect with the learning process because you were already so interested in the subject.

“The fact that I went to Plumpton and studied Wine Business means I have great wine knowledge, and I’ve tried to make sure that we have a great wine list that we share with everyone. We want them to come and drink more wine!”

A stone’s throw away from Plumpton College and the South Downs, Squisito have their pick of artisan suppliers and can showcase some of the best food and wine in the UK.

“Our local ethos has always been at the forefront of places we’ve worked (all four met working at The Small Holding, Kent), and Harry and I live on his parents’ farm. It’s not just the meat we use that is local, the veg is from Laynes farm, which you can visit, see where it’s all grown, and get excited about fresh produce. There is something about knowing the provenance of what you’re eating. People can get excited about our ingredients, then buy them in Lewes Market on a Friday”

This translates to their wine list too. The focus is on sustainable farming, organic, biodynamic, and small production wines. As well as Italian wines, they showcase English wines including local Everflyte, also alumni at Plumpton.

“Lewes is such a strong community with lots of local focus and support. It’s been great to see the foodie scene growing. The more good restaurants there are, the more reasons people have to come. We all collaborate, support each other, share customers and recommend each other as well as supplying each other’s products.”

We are very proud to count Sally amongst our notable alumni, and we wish her, Harry, Sam and Chris good luck with this exquisite (or as they say in Italian, squisito) business venture.