Crop protection manufacturer UPL is giving away a package of Natural Plant Protection biosolutions to three UK wine producers. The giveaway contains THIOPRON (sulphur), REEF (sulphur + copper), and VIVAFLOR (GA142), enough to treat four hectares of grape vines.

The promotion comes as UPL seeks to grow its leading Natural Plant Protection business globally. Natural Plant Protection is the brand name for the biosolutions developed and marketed by UPL.

The UK viticulture sector is a particular focus. UPL recently invested in planting a full-scale commercial vineyard at its OpenAg research farm at Shray Hill, Shropshire, making them the only crop protection manufacturer with a UK-based in-house research and development capability for vines.

The giveaway contains 40L of THIOPRON, 40L of REEF, and 20L of VIVAFLOR, to treat four hectares.

Gemma Nokes, head of marketing for UPL in the UK and Ireland, said the products were chosen to demonstrate a comprehensive package of disease control, micronutrients, and biostimulants.

“THIOPRON is an innovative liquid multisite fungicide with a unique and highly effective formulation containing sulphur, which works as a natural, zero-residue active,” explained Gemma.

“The sulphur reacts on the leaf surface to produce hydrogen sulphide gas. Toxic to pathogens such as powdery mildew, the gas works as an anti-sporulant, preventing early infections and reducing the spread of established disease.”

REEF is a liquid formulation containing copper and sulphur for the contact treatment of nutrient deficiency, added Gemma.

“VIVAFLOR contains GoActiv, a highly concentrated formulation of specific active ingredients derived from Ascophyllum nodosum. It is designed to stimulate plant respiratory and fruiting mechanisms.

“Extensive trials by UPL and independent researchers, such as NIAB EMR, have shown VIVAFLOR activates plant hormones for improved reproductive health and reduces issues with fruit set caused by environmental stress.

“This improves the homogeneity of berries, evens cluster weight and increases the overall crop yield,” says Gemma.

Entries for the giveaway open on 1 April 2024 and close on 15 April 2024. Growers can enter by visiting