After setting a vineyard record of 99 tonnes in the perfect conditions of 2022, the team at the Langham Wine Estate knew it was possible to increase yields from their Dorset vineyards but they never imagined it would be as much as 123 tonnes!

As the last grapes were picked, owner Justin Langham admits to being very worried about the estate’s 13th harvest after experiencing challenging weather in the south west for the last three months and a very wet summer.

Justin says due diligence and hard work won the day: “After 17 days of picking, pressing, pumping and now fermenting, the winery is absolutely full to capacity with grape juice on its journey to becoming Dorset sparkling wine. It has been a mammoth effort from the winery and vineyard teams and I couldn’t be more proud of the work they’ve done.”

A team of 16 pickers brought in Langham’s record-breaking harvest of 123 tonnes, up from 99 tonnes in 2022 and 55 in 2021.

Last year, Langham Wine Estate expanded its vineyard from 30 to 85 acres in a bid to keep up with the growing demand for English sparkling wine. The first harvest from the new planting is expected in 2024/25.

Pictured: Estate owner Justin Langham (second left), Head Winemaker Tommy Grimshaw (fourth left) and Vineyard Manager James McLean (fourth right) with Langham’s vineyard and winery team. ©Lara Jane Thorpe