The Grapevine Podcast was conceived by Mike “MYK” Wood, a radio presenter, producer and media production specialist, in partnership with Itasca Wines founder Malcolm Walker, born from their collaboration on the TV series Cellar Rats.

The idea was to produce an industry live, visual “show” instead of a generic audio podcast. The aim is to attract an industry audience as opposed to the general public. The podcast is targeted at the wine industry, vineyard owners, growers and winemakers. Guests will be industry insiders, experts in their chosen fields and disciplines as well as celebrities from the world of wine, telling their stories, asking advice and discussing innovations and technology across both the UK and worldwide.

Episode 1: Izzy Talkin’ Fizzy

Featuring Elizabeth Harrison Butler, the Marketing Director for Itasca Wines and Penn Croft Vineyards. Host MYK discusses the history behind the wine business, and the UK wine business, and how Itasca and Penn Croft are thriving in a difficult market where UK wine is yet to be considered a producer of quality, fine wines.

Episode 02: Simon Says… Sustainability

The Grapevine interviews Simon Porter, Farmer and Vineyard Manager for Penn Croft Vineyards in the UK. Simon is an expert on sustainable farming methods and built Penn Croft Vineyards specifically focussed on sustainable farming.

Episode 03: Itasca Wines with founder Malcolm Walker

Malcolm’s idea to build a winery and wine business in the middle of the lockdown seems like a crazy idea, yet today the Itasca Wines business is thriving in the UK. So how did he do it?