For the first time, an international conference will bring together growers and winemakers from Scandinavia, Europe and North America.

To promote the advancement of viticulture and oenology in northern regions with cool or short summers and cold winters, Denmark and Sweden will host the fifth VitiNord International Viticulture and Enology Conference from 30 July to 3 August 2018.

Making use of the recently constructed Oresund bridge, the joint conference will be held in Malmö, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark with delegates from 15 countries participating in lectures and workshops, new technology field demonstrations and tastings of cold and cool climate wines.

Commercial viticulture was first allowed in 2000 in both Denmark and Sweden and the last 18 years has witnessed the establishment of many vineyards and wineries in both countries.

By 2015, Denmark had a total of 100 commercial growers with wineries located mainly in the traditional fruit growing areas along the coastlines and the islands. Having initially planted Rondo, today there are also plantings of white and sparkling wine varieties.

In Sweden, there are more than 250 vineyards, of which about 50 are commercial growers. The main wine regions are in southern Sweden, in coastal areas and at the Baltic islands Öland and Gotland. White wines are predominantly produced but red, rosé and sparkling wines are also made from Solaris and Rondo. The main grape varieties grown in Sweden.

Founded by the International Association of Northern Viticulture, the first VitiNord conference was held in Riga, Latvia, in 2006 with conference locations alternating between Europe and North America.

Previous VitiNord conferences have included participants from Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Russia, Ukraine, China, Canada and the United States.