James and Lynsey Drabble planted 6,000 vines at Pett Bottom, Kent in early May 2023. As always at this time of year apprehensive eyes were turned on the weather but James and Lynsey were delighted to have avoided the rain. Planting went well and the Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vines have all now got stakes and guards and the vineyard has a name – Epèron wines. 

James and Lynsey had been thinking about diversification for several years and even attended the Farm Diversification Show at the NEC, Birmingham. There was more information about camping ideas than vineyards however but after the pandemic things changed. “The pandemic restrictions meant we weren’t able to visit Kent for a lengthy time, and upon our return, I was stunned to see so many ‘traditional’ farmers in the area had diversified and planted vineyards,” said Lynsey. 

Little Bursted Vineyard is also located in Pett Bottom and was planted in 2022 with their vines exactly a year ahead “we are watching and following with interest,” Lynsey said. “It’s impressed us quite how friendly and helpful the wine growing community is,” Lynsey concluded.  

James and Lynsey have a fascinating story to tell and Vineyard magazine will visit them to see how their journey is progressing and find out the inspiration for the name.