Berlin Packaging have launched a new sustainable aluminium sparkling wine bottle. The NEXT 750ml bottle is perfect for sparkling wines, the bottle combines the elegant and traditional wine bottle shape with an innovative, sustainable and lightweight material; aluminium.

“This bottle is a significant step forward in our commitment to true design innovation with sustainability at its heart. NEXT 750ml is a great way to engage with consumers to enjoy sparkling wine in a more sustainable way. The bottle is lightweight and portable, making it ideal to offer at events that would prohibit glass. Additionally, the bottle can have multiple designs, making it a stylish and trendy option,” said Mark Crumpton Business Development Manager.

Key highlights of this innovative new product are:

  • It is fully recyclable at the end of its life, without any loss of quality. This means that it can be recycled into new aluminium products, reducing the need to extract new aluminium from the earth.
  • It is much lighter than a glass bottle, which means that it requires less energy to transport and store. This results in consistent energy and carbon savings across the supply chain.
  • The aluminium bottle provides maximum product protection thanks to its total barrier to light, CO2 and moisture. This means that the sparkling wine inside will stay fresh and flavourful for longer.
  • The aluminium bottle has a higher thermal conductivity than glass, which means that it can cool the sparkling wine inside faster. This is ideal for consumers who want to enjoy their sparkling wine chilled.
  • This bottle is ideal for packaging sparkling wine for events where glass bottles are prohibited, such as arenas, festivals and sports events. This is because the aluminium bottle is lightweight and shatter-proof, making it safer to transport and handle.
  • The new aluminium sparkling wine bottle features a classic cork wine closure, with the metal cage, in one aluminium bottle. This provides the traditional look and feel of a cork wine bottle, while also offering the sustainability benefits of an aluminium bottle.
  • This bottle can be fully decorated, with shoulders and neck included. This allows for a wide range of creative design options, making it possible to create a bottle that perfectly reflects the brand and personality of the sparkling wine inside.