Marasby is a unique, new online marketplace that connects customers directly to English and Welsh winemakers. 

Talya Roberson and Simon Huntington who are experienced wine retailers set up Marasby to showcase the revolution happening in the UK food and wine scene.  Their platform gives producers control of their branding and pricing. Customers are given the opportunity to buy from them direct at cellar door prices with just one log in, cutting down on distribution miles and wasted packaging.

Co-founder Simon Huntington said: “With no middlemen, no hidden mark-ups, and no wasted distribution miles, it’s better for people, better for producers, and better for the planet.”

Marasby has a comprehensive search functionality, tasting notes and British seasonal food pairings. At time of launch over 120 wines from more than 40 producers are on the platform. These range from large-scale well-known brands such as Gusbourne, Lyme Bay and Hattingley to micro producers and urban wineries making less than 10,000 bottles a year. With a second wave of producer enrolment under way Marasby is expected to have the largest selection of English wine in the world by early 2024. 

Marasby Co-founder Simon Huntington said: “There is so much great wine being made in the UK right now, but unbelievably 99% of the wine we drink in this country is still imported. It’s our mission to grow the 1%.”

The online retail site is complemented by regular tastings in London Bridge.  And there are plans to expand the range to other drinks and UK produce such as British charcuterie. 

Marasby Co-founder Talya Roberson said: “Just a few years ago English food and wine was a joke. Not any more. There’s plenty of world class produce, right here on our doorstep. Marasby is our way to embrace and share it.”