Bubbly Bubbly 2021

This is the first ever traditional method sparkling wine for Whinyard Rocks Vineyard. It’s made with 100% Phoenix grapes picked in mid-late October 2021. 

Natural fermentation took place in steel and the wine was aged in the tank on the lees. Bottled by gravity with ‘Liqueur de Tirage’ followed by secondary fermentation in the bottle. Bottles were riddled and disgorged by hand with zero dosage. An electric zing of freshly cut elderflower meets a ripple of tropical fruit swathed in bubbles. 

Fresh, crisp and exhilarating, it’s inspired by the dazzling cascade of our local waterfall Water-Break-Its-Neck.

Pet Nat 2022

The 2022 Pet Nat is 60% solaris 40% ortega grapes and is pale amber in colour thanks to three leisurely days of skin contact. 

The ortega was blended with the solaris and co-fermented in steel. It was bottled by gravity by hand just before the end of the primary fermentation and disgorged by hand on a cold spring day. It kicks off with pear drops and rolls into ripe apricots and peaches on the palate. Mouthfeel-wise there’s a delightful body to it and it comes in at 11%. 

It’s a higher percentage than the 2021 Pet Nat thanks to the continued sunshine and hot weather of last summer.