Gwinllan Conwy Vineyard in Wales have an innovative project that utilises raw wool in the under vine area. 

The project has drawn attention to the ways in which vineyards are striving to reduce the amount of sprays they use. Recent research published by NIAB (See December 2022 edition of Vineyard magazine) has reinforced the importance of weed control in vineyards with vines suffering from significant yield losses where no weed control was undertaken. Fleece has several advantages besides weed suppression. One advantage is that as it breaks down the wool will naturally feed the soil and is also a natural deterrent to slugs and snails. One of the words that springs to mind in relation to this project is sustainability. Not just in terms of vine and soil health but also in that it is a collaborative project by two local businesses working together – Gwinllan Conwy Vineyard & Wool and Vine.