The village of Newick, Sussex is now home to Newick Wine Estate. Jonathan and Charlotte Sharpe have lived in the Village for 16 years and have taken the decision to plant 20 acres of their most suitable land with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Bacchus vines. In total there were 37,000 vines planted across four days in May by a team from viticultural specialists VineWorks. 

Preparation started two years ago when VineWorks undertook site analysis and took soil samples. The site was chosen because it was not at the bottom of a slope where cold air may collect and cause frost pressure. The location was also carefully selected because Jonathan and Charlotte wanted to be able preserve the well established trees on the estate. 

The original plan had been to plant the vines in July 2021 but Jonathan and Charlotte decided to wait a year while they completed a viticulture course at Plumpton College. The couple also took advice from VineWorks and developed a business plan which will include the growing of fruit for other producers.

Although some of the grapes will be grown under contract there will also be wine produced under the Newick Wine Estate Label. “We are right on the edge of the village with a footpath through the vines,” explained Jonathan. This has allowed people to really see what is happening and how the land is developing. “We really want to maintain our connection with the local surroundings,” Jonathan added. 

As the vines mature the Newick Wine Estate will be a lovely connection to the villages past as a soft fruit growing region. In time Jonathan and Charlotte hope the local community can walk into one of the local pubs and enjoy a local wine.


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