This innovative technology comes as a result of research at the University of Avignon where they discovered that UV flashes increased the resistance of plants to various pathogens. The plant’s defence mechanism is triggered even before the appearance of a pathogen and damage is thereby reduced. As regulatory restrictions have become increasingly strict in recent years UV Boosting aims to considerably reduce growers dependence on fungicides.

Using UV flashes the vines become more resistant to diseases such as powdery and downy mildew enabling a reduction in the use of fungicides. 

Unlike conventional fungicides the procedure is not affected by wind or rain enabling treatment to continue whatever the weather. As the technology is clean it leaves no residue either on the vine or on the soil and there is no drift to pollute the air, water or soil. 

Although there are no machines in the UK as yet David Sayell of Vitifruit Equipment is promoting the product and further details are available. See also