Securing good weed control by mechanical means requires very special care performed by very special equipment, it’s almost an art form or ballet, pirouetting around the vine trunks. 

To achieve good consistent economic weed control requires sensitive yet powerful equipment. Vitifruit Equipment have been selling such tools for over 20 years in the UK and are very happy with customer feedback and experience. 

David Sayell commented that it has been Vitifruit’s policy to encourage potential customers to try out a machine on a trial or hire but also to try other machines and compare results. 

Running three machines of their own for many seasons has shown just how versatile, accurate and reliable the Boisselet equipment really is. Its ability to perform tasks with ease and without damage to the vines is mainly thanks to the hydraulic unit which provides the sensitivity and power called the Servo Motor. 

The Servo Motor is provided with a universal tool mounting block so that many optional implements can be fitted and swapped around according to the situation in the vineyard, which in practice usually means a choice of the simple “Cutmatic” blade, the powered rotating “Petalmatic plus” blade or the “Filmatic” strimmer. 

All these units can be mounted to the tractors front, side or rear and can work to the right of the tractor or left and right or even over the row. More details can be found at: