When carried out by hand, bud rubbing is arguably one of the most backbreaking and time-consuming vineyard tasks. 

Bud rubbing is a straightforward and important job all vineyard managers will be starting to think about in the coming weeks. 

Removing unwanted shoots from the trunk not only keeps the vineyard looking tidy, but it also enables the vine to focus on putting its energy and nutrients where they’re most needed to grow quality grapes.

While established vines have fewer buds to remove from the trunk, it’s still a job which needs to be done each year for the lifetime of your vineyard. And if you don’t quite time it right, you may also have to go back through a second time in a season. 

One chemical-free, labour, cost and back-saving solution for the removal of these vine suckers is the Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner. 

This essential springtime maintenance tool has been used by vineyard managers looking to be more efficient and environmentally-friendly since 1977.

The suspension-mounted tool, which is available in a single- or double-sided set up, features a series of rubber paddles which brush away watershoots and suckers without causing damage to the vines.

While removing unwanted shoots, the Vine Trunk Cleaner also controls growth between the vines and can clear vine prunings from under vines in preparation for mulching.

Another way to make light work of bud rubbing is with the Multiclean from Clemens. 

In the same way that the Braun can also assist with clearing prunings from under the vines, growers have praised the Multiclean for its dual-purpose ability to significantly reduce bud rubbing costs and efforts, while also helping growers take weeds back to ground level.

This is possible due to the mulching brush, which effectively acts like a vine stem cleaner by removing the shoots and, simultaneously, controlling weeds in the under-vine area, like a strimmer would, without interfering with the soil structure.

“Both Braun and Clemens benefit from modular frames, so growers can simply add the Vine Trunk Cleaner or Multiclean onto their existing Braun or Clemens equipment,” said Claire Seymour, Director at NP Seymour. 

“This not only makes it more budget-friendly, as you’re not having to buy a whole new machine, it also means that you can equip the tractor with multiple tools so operators can complete all spring maintenance jobs in one pass.” 

For more information on the Braun Vine Trunk Cleaner and the Clemens Multiclean, as well as the other mechanical weeding solutions NP Seymour offer, please phone the office on 01580 712200 or email sales@npseymour.co.uk.

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