Massey Ferguson has announced its introduction of the MF 3700 Series, a specialist tractor range designed to offer solutions for vineyard and growers.

An extended series of tractors dedicated to each specialist farming category now includes a vineyard model for use in traditional narrow vineyards, which now benefits from a top speed of 40kph.

“Viticulturists whose high value crops and challenging terrain will benefit from levels of specification which can be tailored to meet their individual requirements,” said Campbell Scott, director, marketing services Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East.

MF 3700 Series tractors are equipped with powerful four-cylinder, stage 3B new generation engines, increased hydraulic flow and the option of a fully integrated factory-fitted front linkage, PTO and front loader frame, allowing a wider range of specialist implements to be utilised.

Low operating costs are offered by the fuel efficient engines, extended 600hr service intervals, a bigger fuel tank, and an improved hood access for refuelling.

The new MF 3700 Series features five ranges:

υ V = Vineyard – for use in traditional narrow vineyards, now benefiting from a top speed of 40kph

υ S = Special – for more open vineyards with a slightly wider chassis with a more spacious cab for the operator

υ F = Fruit – for use in more extensive vineyards and fruit orchards. A larger tractor with wider front axle and a more spacious cab

υ G = Ground Effect – (low profile) for use under trees, in polytunnels and in canopied vineyards

υ Brand new WF = Wide Fruit – a wider tractor for use in orchards, hillside vineyards and livestock operations. It offers a low centre of gravity, with a wider front and rear axle and a larger cab.

Key features:

υ New generation common rail, stage 3B four-cylinder engine

υ New wide fruit model with a wider chassis for greater stability. Ideal for hillside vineyards with sloping fields

υ 120l/min hydraulic flow option for efficiency when operating loaders, pruners and trimmers

υ Low bonnet height providing forward visibility for the driver due to DOC being positioned outside of bonnet

υ New factory fitted loader subframe, front PTO and front linkage

υ New four-wheel drive sensor offering automatic engagement and disengagement of the four-wheel drive when the steering wheel is turned at a pre-set angle for ease of use at the headland

υ New transmission controls on the gear lever and joystick – clutch, transmission and implement control

υ New electrohydraulic spool valve lock switch

υ New fuel tank access on top of bonnet

υ Extended service interval of 600 hours

υ New contemporary styling with a new hood shape in keeping with the MF family look

υ Larger cab with new dashboard

υ Lights for improved lighting at night

New engine efficiency

The MF 3700 Series is powered by new generation Stage 3B four-cylinder engines from 75 to 105hp, delivering more power and torque. These Common Rail engines offer two engine rpm memories, allowing preferred engine speeds to be set for easier driving.

Specification packages to meet growers’ needs

The MF 3700 Series is available in two specification packages to meet the needs of specialist farming applications.

Essential versions, available in cab and ROPS formats, feature a 24/24 mechanical transmission, and hydraulics delivering 95 litres/min flow with two rear mechanical spool valves and mechanical rear linkage.

For the first time on the MF specialist tractor range, purchasers can benefit from the higher specification efficient package, available on cab models only. This offers a 24/12 Power Shuttle transmission, up to 120 litres/min hydraulic flow with two rear electronic spool valves and a mid-mounted spool valve delivering 45 litres/min flow plus an electronic rear linkage and electronic linkage levelling.

To further tailor their tractor to particular crops or conditions, purchasers can also specify additional spool valves, front linkage and PTO, ‘loader ready’ build and more transmission choices for the essential package.

More powerful hydraulics

The MF 3700 Series has a choice of a twin pump delivering 95 l/min at 2300rpm (65 l/min for auxiliaries) or at 1800rpm (51 l/min for auxiliaries) or a three pump system delivering 120 l/min at 2300rpm (95 l/min for auxiliaries) or 1800rpm (73 l/min for auxiliaries), with the third pump dedicated to the rear lift and levelling.

Rear linkages have 2.5 and 3 tonnes lift capacity and purchasers can specify from two to six spool valves to meet their needs; the MF 3700 Series also offers a hydraulic trailer brake dual line for safe towing.