Maintenance between rows can have a big benefit within the vineyard and by shredding the pruning residues, Kuhn Farm Machinery says that growers can fight weeds, pests, diseases and speed up the transformation of organic matter into humus.

The range of vineyard shredders also includes Kuhn’s patented Side Delivery System® (SDS) technology, a shredder for maintaining grassy areas located between rows of vines.

A horizontal shaft shredder is equipped with a side delivery system for the shredded material.

This patented system deposits the material to the side, directly along the vine row, through the incorporation of a wormscrew at the back of the shredder. The organic material deposited along the row will create surface mulch and according to the manufacturer, weeds will be obliterated before they can invade, helping to reduce the use of herbicides.

The delivery system can be unilateral or bilateral on each model, according to choice. This is provided by a single or double pitch wormscrew driven by a hydraulic motor connected directly to the tractor distributor. The rotation rate can be adjusted to adapt to working conditions (quantity of plant material and forward speed).


An over-ground shredder which is intended to give value to prunings it can be used for the shredding of vine shoots and other clippings. The pick-up is driven by a hydraulic motor and the rotor is fitted with hammer knives mounted in helical position. With high forward speeds and shredding quality, there are high capacity bearings fitted on the pick-up and the rotor. Vine shoots can be collected in a nylon bag fitted to a telescopic mast (RT version) or in bulk on a trailer (CV version).

VKD 155

Multipurpose shredder for vine shoots, prunings, brushwood and grass. The rotor is fitted with forged hammer knives, there are two counter-knives as standard with an optional collecting rake. The compact machine is low build with rounded profiles and its height can be controlled using a roller with removable ends or support wheels.

TRP 95

An over-ground shredder intended for shredding vine shoots and other clippings. This model has a high travel speed and exceptional shredding quality. The pick-up is driven by a large dimensioned chain which is protected by a cam type cut-out clutch. The rotor is equipped with forged hammer knives in helical arrangement and there are heavy-duty bearings fitted to both the pick-up and the rotor. The height can be controlled using a roller with removable ends and semi-pivoting wheels.