This multi-role seed drill has been designed by a UK vineyard to over seed into established vegetation without destroying it or the soil structure and ecosystem found within. 

The vineyard’s tough clay and flint soil required that all parts of the machine be super strong and capable. As well as seeding the concept was to make it as versatile as possible and ensure it was able to perform a number of roles sometimes simultaneously, therefore it can also inject liquid fertiliser, subsoil and spray surface herbicides and nutrients. When seeding it can be fitted with either disc coulters or tines according to soil and vegetation conditions with the seed blown down tubes behind the coulters and followed by the roller. Speeds of up to 10kph are possible. 

When liquid fertiliser injecting, the same coulters are used and the tubes are swapped over to the liquid tank. In order to deal with difficult soil and stones the subsoiler legs are fitted with extra durable points. 

The machine is now in production and can be hired or bought from Vitifruit Equipment.