In summer last year, New Holland Agriculture launched its cleaner, quieter, more efficient T4 FNV tractors to the UK. The updated specialist tractor range benefits from more power and performance matched with economy and precision. Four models offer a choice of engine sizes and three different widths, alongside a new best-in-class cab, providing superior operator protection and comfort.

New Holland’s exclusive Blue Cab™ 4 option provides the operator with best-in-class protection against dust, aerosols and vapours, by exceeding EN 15695 category 4 for filtration and pressurisation when required during spraying. The innovative double filtration system (two filters in the same roof) allows the operator to switch to category 2, when category 4 is not required, at the press of a button. This prolongs filter life and reduces maintenance costs. Blue Cab is also the quietest cab yet, at 78dB(A).

The T4 FNV tractor series is offered in three widths of 1.06m, 1.23m and 1.47m and high power to weight ratios, to suit the needs of vineyards or other narrow or row applications.

Power is delivered by a 3.4 litre four-cylinder engine purpose-developed for tractor operation by FTP Industrial. The T4.110 model’s maximum power of 107hp at 2,300rpm is the highest output ever offered by New Holland in a speciality tractor. All models deliver constant max power between engine speeds of 1,900 and 2,300rpm.

Engine speed management (ESM) improves efficiency by precisely fuelling the engine to meet load and maintain a constant speed. It also allows the operator to programme two engine speeds, which are remembered, meaning the operator can select separate speeds for work and turns at the end of a row.

T4 FNV models are highly configurable to user requirements, with a wide choice of transmissions to suit individual needs. These include: Shuttle Command, Split Command, Powershuttle and Dual Command. Optional creep speed is available with Shuttle Command and Dual Command™ transmissions. The T4 FNV’s fuel capacity has increased by 20 litres to 99 litres reducing fill-ups and offering longer run-time for operations. The low fuel consumption and low engine service intervals (600 hour) reduce the life operating costs of these models.

A premium hydraulic system can be specified, enabling power-hungry implements to be operated with ease. A powerful 82 litres per minute pump, separate to the power steering, ensures a dedicated flow rate to implements. Two remote valves can be set up with free-flow return to drive hydraulic motors and a choice of mid- and front-outlets to suit most needs. Optional hydraulic stabilisers on a dedicated hydraulic supply provides further flexibility, with the ability to offset attachments either side of the tractor for specific row work.

A new heavy-duty, folding front linkage system delivers a lift capacity of up to 1,970kg on all T4 FNV models. Compatible with both standard and SuperSteer front axles and an optional direct engine driven front PTO which transfers up to 93hp to the front implement, 7% more than the previous model.

The renowned SuperSteer front axle, unique to New Holland, offers an effective steering angle of 76° and a turn radius as low as 2.9m. Tighter turns are possible and a quicker turn into work for front mounted implements. The enlarged wheelbase transfers more weight to the front of the tractor, which reduces the need for front ballast when using heavy rear mounted implements. All T4 V and N tractors can be specified with a choice of 2WD or 4WD standard front axles, while T4 N and F tractors can benefit from the 4WD SuperSteer axle option.

Jeremy Cloude from Haynes Agricultural, said: “Drivers will experience an environment not offered by any other manufacturer, the Blue cab 4 is truly unique in keeping vapours and dust away from operators even in the most arduous of conditions, having the ability to pressurise the cab and physically blow the vapours and dust away is an industry first, double this up with the SuperSteer front Axle and you can really see why professional growers choose New Holland.”

Speak to Jeremy at Haynes on 01732 880880 to book a demo.