Speeding up and easing pruning is easily achieved with battery powered secateurs. Taking the strain out of manual pruning makes the job not only more pleasurable but faster and enables those bigger cuts to be made which may not get done with hand secateurs. 

The cordless models have become very affordable and suit smaller to medium sized vineyards while the corded types can deal with the thicker tougher cuts in four year old wood and more. 

The cordless are light in the hand and come with two quick insert rechargeable batteries to last all day. Cutting is fast, powerful and controllable thanks to the sensitive progressive trigger action. The corded models are heavier duty and are also used in orchards. One model can also be fitted with the “Wireless Glove Protection System” which opens the blade automatically should it accidentally touch the glove. 

The bigger batteries also allow for a number of other tools to be plugged in and powered such as the “Kit Vine” with both secateur and the cane tying down onto the training wire tool. Other battery powered tools are also available; hedge/vine trimmers, strimmers and chainsaws. 

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