The new Landini Rex 4 Series of vineyard tractors will be centre-stage on the Horsepower UK stand at the National Fruit Show on 24 and 25 October 2018.

Representing a range of compact but powerful and durable power units, the next generation of Landini Rex 4 tractors have seven power outputs from 70-112hp and new transmission designed and engineered by Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors.

Options include three-speed powershift for the first time, enabling operators to quickly change ground speed when towing or working soil-engaging implements without losing momentum.

Fingertip power shuttle shifting between forward and reverse have been designed to make driving easier, while new Eco pto gearing and Eco 40kph transmission options should help fuel consumption by lowering engine speeds in work and during transport.

Larger fuel tanks reduce fill-up frequency, especially on the versions that get a 90 litre tank, which is almost 40% up on the previous design. The hydraulics package has been given a boost with a 78 litre/min standard set-up, including 28 litre/min dedicated to steering.

This can be upgraded to a triple pump installation comprising two 41 litre/min service pumps supplying the rear linkage and up to seven mechanical and electric spool valves, including up to three electric front valve couplings.

Up to 3,400kg of lift capacity is available at the rear and a 1,400kg front linkage assembly is also available. The tractors are available with an open platform or a new cab design with a flat floor that contrasts with the more common ‘legs astride’ seating position of a typical vineyard tractor.

Power comes from a new 2.9 litre compact four-cylinder engine providing similar outputs to the new models’ predecessors but with added torque at the lower end of the rev range to help lift performance.

Based in Selling, near Faversham, Horsepower UK is a significant supplier to the industry and will be exhibiting at the National Fruit Show, the annual mainstream fruit industry event which hosts technical exhibits covering tractors, equipment and supplies for commercial growers.