The Case IH Quantum tractor range, which includes fruit, vineyard and speciality versions, has been revised and extended in response to customer feedback for enhanced efficiency, with the launch of a broader line of models. Not only do they meet Stage V emissions regulations, but they also include a new quiet cabin with new interior features and better operator protection level, a fully updated transmission, new hydraulic options, and new hitch and PTO arrangements both front and rear.   

New flagship model extends power range

The new Quantum V/F series now has five models delivering more power to pull demanding implements and help customers complete work in tight weather windows. The series begins with the 74hp Quantum 80 and is headed by the new Quantum 120, with a rated output of 120hp. All are equipped as standard with operator cab and 4wd, and are powered by FPT F5C four-cylinder engines. The smallest model features a 3.4-litre unit with two valves per cylinder, incorporating a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF), but with no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF/AdBlue) requirement. All other models use a 3.6-litre F5C engine incorporating four valves per cylinder, with DOC and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

All after-treatment elements are installed beneath the hood, ensuring good visibility. The newly-styled hood is lower than on the previous generation of Quantum tractors, which also improves forward sightlines. It incorporates a new LED lighting arrangement for safer, more accurate work at night.

New quiet cab and operator features for greater comfort

Narrow tractor customers are increasingly demanding the same levels of comfort and operating ease they find in conventional tractors. Key among multiple features of the new cab which is part of the latest Case IH Quantum is Category 4 filtration of air for operator ventilation. This protects the driver not only against dust and aerosols, but also vapours such as spray mist. The simple-to-use patented solution is integrated into the cab roof. The new cab also features a flat deck floor for full comfort and easy access, with a floor-to-roof windscreen combined with the four-pillar design providing unimpeded visibility, whilst the suspended front axle minimises shocks and vibrations. Together, these upgrades have helped cut in-cab noise levels to 71 decibels, the lowest in this segment.

A new A pillar-mounted data display, controlled via an encoder dial on the right-hand operator console, provides simple access to greater levels of information, and simplifies adjustment of settings for key operating functions. New Quantum tractors are also fully compatible with Case IH AFS solution technologies, giving customers full fleet control and agronomic data management capabilities. Externally, rear linkage and PTO controls are integrated into the rear mudguard fender to aid safe hitching. Front linkage options include both factory-installed and after-market alternatives.

New transmission and hydraulic circuit improvements for greater efficiency

New Case IH Quantum tractors feature a revised 32F/16R Active Drive2™ transmission or optional 44F/16R with creep speeds for slow applications. Both feature Powerclutch, and a true 40kph top speed is achievable with all tyre combinations, from 24” tyre rim diameter and above. Minimum speeds are 0.7km/h with the standard transmission or 0.17kph with the creep option. An integral transmission parking lock is optional.

The redesigned driveline includes a wet clutch with electro-hydraulically engaged PTO. This gives the operator full control of both the power shuttle and PTO to tailor operation to the application in hand, thanks to a new adjustable PTO engagement feature which offers soft/medium/hard settings to match the implement and task. The result is greater machine reliability and enhanced operator comfort, qualities enhanced by the configurable power shuttle with adjustable responsiveness.

Further transmission developments include a new electrohydraulic diff-lock on the suspended front axle, which allows engagement of front and rear differential locks to be managed separately to match conditions and requirements. As an example, when working uphill with full engine power, it is possible to disengage the rear axle differential lock but keep the front engaged for an optimal turning radius.

Maximum hydraulic output is 64 litres/min, with an 80 litres/min option, while up to ten rear- and eight mid-mounted remote valves can be specified, all electro-hydraulically operated. Further hydraulics specification includes load-sensing rear hitch and Power Beyond capabilities, benefiting fuel consumption and oil preservation. The tractors can be ordered with/without front linkage and PTO.

“The new Case IH Quantum Stage V is a more comfortable and higher-specification fruit, vineyard and specialty tractor range,” says Federico Condini, Case IH product specialist for Quantum tractors.

“The new Quantum models offer multiple size configurations, comfort enhancements, mechanical and electrohydraulic remote valve options and driveline improvements that mean they meet the requirements and demands of professional orchard and vineyard farmers and specialist customers, bringing the benefits of greater performance and technology and lower cost of ownership to their businesses.”