Delivering the perfect choice for every sector

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the introduction of its latest MF 3 Speciality Series. This comprehensive new range includes six variants designed specifically to provide the dimensions, specifications and power that precisely match the particular demands of each specialist sector.

Equipped to a high standard, MF 3 Speciality Series tractors deliver exactly the right features for straightforward, comfortable operation and optimum performance with low running costs.

“High value crops, often cultivated in tight spaces and on difficult terrain present particular challenges for growers. MF 3 Speciality Series tractors offer a range of features that are specially tailored to meet the exact requirements for each cropping situation. At the same time they also offer operators much greater comfort and ease of use,” said Jérôme Aubrion, Director Marketing Massey Ferguson, Europe & Middle East.

Specialists for every sector

The MF 3 Specialist Series includes six different versions, with a new top, 120hp model available for all the variants apart from MF 3GE and MF 3AL models. The full range offers models with cabs or a platform, a choice of transmissions including a new 30F/15R Eco as well as the option of Essential or Efficient specification.

MF 3VI – Vineyard – for use in traditional narrow vineyards. Five models from 75hp to 120hp, from 1.00m wide and with cab as standard.

MF 3SP – Specialised – for more open vineyards with a slightly wider chassis and a more spacious cab. Five models from 75hp to 120hp, from 1.25m wide and with cab as standard.

MF 3FR – Fruit – for use in extensive vineyards and fruit orchards. A more substantial tractor with a wider front axle and a more spacious cab. Five models from 75hp to 120hp, from 1.45m wide and available with cab or platform.

MF 3WF – Wide Fruit – a wider, stable tractor for use in orchards, hillside vineyards and livestock operations. Five models from 75hp to 120hp, from 1.70m wide and available with cab or platform.

MF 3GE – Ground Effect  –  A low profile model for use under trees, in polytunnels and in canopied vineyards, equipped with a wider front axle for greater stability. Four models from 75hp to 105hp, from 1.40m wide and equipped with an operator platform.

MF 3AL – Alpine – a versatile, strong and stable tractor for use on hills and challenging terrain. Four models from 75hp to 105hp, from 1.70m wide, available with a low-profile or flat-floor cab. At 1.40m wide, the high specification cab brings big tractor features to the compact and powerful MF 3AL.

Essential and Efficient 

Two specification packages and a range of options enable owners to further tailor their MF 3 Speciality tractor to improve comfort and convenience as well as suit their crops and operations. 

Entry level ‘Essential’ models are equipped with a mechanical transmission, 93 litre/min dual pump hydraulic system and mechanical linkage control. This can be supplemented by a range of further options, including Electric Linkage control (ELC) and a PowerShuttle and Speedshift transmission.

‘Efficient’ versions include a 120 litre/min triple-pump hydraulic system, Electric Linkage control (ELC), PowerShuttle and Speedshift transmission as well as a multi-function joystick and four electro-hydraulic spool valves. 

Additional options include Cat 4 cab filtration, joystick control for rear linkage offset and levelling as well as a front linkage and pto and front loader package.

Transmission choice expands

Transmission choice starts with a straightforward and easy to use 15F/15R version with mechanical shuttle. The addition of a mechanical splitter increases the ratios to 30F/15R, providing a much wider speed choice to match the work and operations.

Optimum control and comfort is provided by the addition of the easy to use, electro-hydraulically operated Speedshift, gear splitter and PowerShuttle. This also comes with Comfort Control, which adjusts the sensitivity allowing operators to set how quickly or slowly the shuttle responds.

High hydraulic performance 

MF 3 Series tractors are equipped with either a dual-pump or triple-pump hydraulic system, depending on specification. Both provide ample flow and pressure to power a wide range of modern equipment.

For Essential models there is a choice of two or three mechanical spool valves, with the option to provide up to five spool valves with two switches on the levers.

Efficient versions come with four electro-hydraulic spool valves. An optional diverter valve enables the use of up to six spool valves, selected using switches on the multi-function joystick control.

Cost effective 75hp models

Entry-level, 75hp MF 3 Speciality tractors are powered by the latest 3.4 litre, Stage V, four-cylinder engine. Like the more powerful models, they are also available with the same choice of Essential or Efficient specification packages.

Massey Ferguson has retained the use of well-proven components, which deliver renowned reliability as well as keeping down the costs in this highly competitive sector. Operators will, however, appreciate the updated air-suspended seat.

All 75hp MF 3 Speciality tractors come with a choice of transmissions to suit different applications and levels of investment. These range from a practical 12F/12R fully mechanical transmission up to a 24F/24R with PowerShuttle and Speedshift. 

There is also the option to choose between the 120 litres/min triple-pump or dual-pump 93 litres/min hydraulic systems. There is also a wide choice of spool valve configurations and optional mid-mounted spools or couplers.

In common with the rest of the range, the 75hp models follow Massey Ferguson’s new family style, with the latest modern styling, its smart sabre design and grey cab and roof.

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