Recently supplied to NIAB East Malling Research through N P Seymour to be use for vineyard trials, is a Clemens SB Compact Lifter with Radius SL Plus weeder with interchangeable blade shares with sensor arms and also rotary cultivator heads.

This machine is ideal for chemical free weed control and is not limited by weather restrictions or windy conditions.

The Clemens SB system is superb for cultivating under and around vines and makes an excellent job of working very close to the trunk of the vine without damage. It is completely adaptable for a variety of soil conditions and suitable for working in both new and existing vines in a range of plant widths and spacings.

The machine supplied is a rear mounted double sided version but other options and systems are available for single or double sided work and for either front or rear mounting. There are a range of interchangeable attachments available including a hoe, disc, cultivators, finger weeder and rollhacke and the cultivator frame can also have subsoiling tines attached. This is a true multi-purpose machine and with the Radius heads can work as a one pass solution.

The tractor requirements are good oil flow with four spool valves, although we can add additional spool blocks if required. Working speed is between
3 – 10 kph depending on ground conditions and tool.

Demonstrations of this machine are available from N P Seymour and the machine will also be on show at Fruit Focus.

NP Seymour has a range of weeding machinery options from a number of Manufacturers.