Many vineyards have a Boisselet in their armory or alternatively hire one from Vitifruit Equipment.

Each Boisselet is fitted with a Servo Motor, the most recent model being the EVO 4. This unique bit of kit is the heart and soul of the machine and gives the tractor driver the opportunity to achieve a high level of inter vine weed control if set up correctly.

Over the last thirty years or so many vineyards have lost their original driver and the replacement may not and probably does not know how to set up the machine correctly. As a result David Sayell and Han Rushanov have been visiting users to give them appropriate training often leading to further help when understanding how to use other machinery, including tractors and fitting kit onto tractors.

When a Boisselet is properly set up it’s often a revelation to users as to how fast they can drive without damaging the vines, and thanks to the Servo Motor even very young vines. The adjustment to deal with young and old vines is simply to increase tension on a spring by stretching it by hand with a butterfly screw and setting the sensing wand in the correct position according to which end tool is employed. For very young vines you must have a tutor fully anchored into the ground directly next to the vine so that it does not move when the sensor wand touches it. The sensitivity when on a soft setting will react even against taut string.

One interesting comment often made these days by long term users of a Rollhack is that they regret not trying the Boisselet sooner as when they use it and compare the result over a complete season’s work the Boisselet both saves time and actually deals with weeds between the vines.

Setting the adjustments on the Boisselet is easy but needs understanding and those thrown in at the deep end soon get into difficulties; that’s why Vitifruit Equipment ensure every time machines are delivered when sold or hired that they invest time with the customer to ensure that they have all the knowledge they need to get the best from the equipment. The Servo Motor has two mounting points so that many types of strimmer and cultivator can be attached; these can be seen at: