Avid supporters of the UK’s viticulture industry, Glosrose over the last four decades has steadily grown from a small Maidstone-based materials handling equipment supplier to a nationwide company providing growers and winemakers with everything from powered pallet movers to all-terrain forklifts.

Now headed up by Jake Butcher, the family-run firm prides itself on nurturing customer relationships. The sales, hire and service teams all continue to offer a very personal service while turning over in excess of 600 units per year.

Being a multi-franchise dealership, Glosrose is not limited to just one manufacturer’s range; instead the dedicated team can supply the right machines for customers’ individual requirements, something which was particularly important to Kent-based Gusbourne Estate. 

“Gusbourne has worked with Glosrose for over five years and they have always found their service to be first class,” said Charlie Holland, head winemaker and CEO at Gusbourne. “They are able to work with their clients to provide tailormade solutions to suit their needs and the after sales support and maintenance is very good too.” 

As well as working closely with Doosan, Volvo and Caterpillar, one of the most exciting, forward-thinking manufacturers that Glosrose currently work with is Manitou.

“Farmers and growers know and respect the diverse range of machines produced by Manitou,” said Jake Butcher, chief executive officer at Glosrose. “We were awarded the dealership around seven years ago and haven’t looked back since. The popularity of the red trucks and telehandlers has allowed the business to increase significantly and today we service customers all over the UK.”

Founded over 60 years ago and now a world leader in all-terrain material handling equipment, the Manitou Group is a well-known name in the fruit industries, with growers more than familiar with the diverse range of telehandlers, forklift trucks, compact loaders, winery equipment and attachments.

Conveniently located just off the M20 in Maidstone, Kent, Glosrose is one of Manitou’s UK dealers, supplying the full range of all-terrain telehandlers which come in a range of lifting heights (4 to 18 meters) and capacities (2 to 3.5 tonnes), and benefiting from specially designed steering modes, including crab steer for tricky sideways approaches, for ultimate driving control around the vineyard and winery.

Released to the market just 18 months ago, the MT420H is the most compact telescopic handler in the MT range. Standing at just 1.9m tall, 1.49m wide and with a total length of 3.6m, the telehandler can lift 2t to a maximum height of 4.3m. Complete with four-wheel drive and steering and a turning radius of under three meters, the MT420H is capable of negotiating the most confined, uneven and difficult to access spaces.

“The MT420H has been exceptionally popular with customers, particularly fruit growers and vineyard managers who are looking for a multipurpose machine which can fit down narrow rows and also work in the yard,” said Jake. “The cab is just as spacious as the larger MT625H model, but the rest of the machine is more compact, and the huge selection of attachments offers operators the exact sort of versatility you need on a busy estate.”

For those looking for a slightly bigger machine, the MT625 offers all the advantages of a loader, telehandler and forklift while still being proficient in cramped, hard to reach spaces. As well as benefiting from four-wheel-drive and all-wheel steering, the machine has a width and height of under 2m and a ground clearance of 33cm, making it perfectly suited to work in rough-terrain locations which would normally be inaccessible for other handling equipment.

Another new range from Manitou, which includes the MC18-2, sees the all-terrain truck sector reinvented; providing viticulturists with access to another compact unit which has the highest ground clearance on the market.

The MC18-2 has an overall width of just 1.45m, which allows the machine to manoeuvre into tight spaces, such as vineyard rows, while retaining a lifting height of 5.5m and a maximum capacity of 1.8t available in 2 and 4 wheel drive, 2.5t model is also available.

“With its torque, power and four motors integrated in the wheels, the MC18-2’s terrain resistance is exceptional allowing it to negotiate banks and slopes with ease,” said Jake. “To maximise use, the MC18-2 can also be configured to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive. In two-wheel drive, operators can reach 25 km/h, optimising fuel consumption and making it easier to move between the vineyard and the winery, while four-wheel drive will meet any terrain requirements.”

From telehandlers, forklifts and loaders, to pallet stackers, reach trucks and cherry pickers, whether a grower or winemaker seeking a new or used unit, for sale, long-term lease or seasonal hire, the Glosrose team has the right mix of equipment to support all viticultural businesses.