In the middle of a heatwave with a distinct lack of rain, frost protection may not be the top of what is usually a very long vineyard to-do list says David Sayell & Richard Witt of Vitifruit Equipment. However as we all know getting the right equipment for the job starts not when you need it but has to be planned well in advance.When the time comes you will be glad that you have thought about the equipment you need so that it is ready to go.

The Tow and Blow mobile wind machines are one solution to the ever increasing issue of frost protection. This technique of frost protection works with air flow turbulence. The unique design of the fan can provide effective frost protection for all crops growing in valleys or on hillsides. The ability to angle the impeller and horizontally oscillate the fan head allows for exceptional versatility and sets this machine apart from traditional fans.

It is possible to select either a rotation of 360 degrees or preset the tower rotation degrees to any desired angle. The adjustable speed rotation allows protection to focus on any desired area.

These machines are mobile, no concrete foundation is necessary and they are easy to transport by tractor or truck. Set up time is less than 15 minutes for one person.

There are two models, 250H and 650i:

  • The 250H model protects up to 4.5 hectares with a three cylinder engine, fan engine power 23.7HP with a 60L tank.
  • The 650i model protects up to six hectares with a four cylinder turbo engine, fan power 67HP with a 200L tank.

Both machines are equipped with an automatic start-stop function as standard.

Off/On temperatures can be selected and adjusted at any time. When the temperature limit is detected it switches on automatically.

The tower has three height positions to enable operation at lower heights if required.