Fertiliser and compost spreaders come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit all tractors and budgets.

Attached to the rear of the tractor and normally held up on the three point linkage the pto rotates the spinner or spinners which throw the fertiliser out sideways. The fertiliser can be broadcast across the complete soil surface or with the addition of a quick fit unit it can be directed at the feet of the vines to one side or if fitted with a double spreader attachment to both sides. The output can be simply adjusted and some spreaders can be used to apply seeds with others which also apply compost.

For occasional use and small vineyards Vitifruit Equipment offers one for hire which both broadcasts or side spreads. Spreading organic pellets is also possible as is automated spreading where only areas which need nutrients are treated.

Applying compost however requires larger and heavier equipment and there are machines of various sizes some of which are multi functional and can both broadcast as well as side spread.

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