The Boisselet Filmatic strimmer works tirelessly around the vine trunks whether they are young or old or have tube protection or not. So long as the vine has a tutor next to it the machine’s sensing wand commands the strimmer to work accurately around the trunk enabling it to be used around vines of any age including those newly planted. 

Typical forward speed is 4kph to 5kph as was used in the pictures where two hectares were cleared in a day. The wand sensing system on the Boisselet is unique thanks to its Servo Motor and is capable of being adjusted for touch sensitivity against the vine trunk enabling a high work rate per day with no damage to the trunk. 

The strimmer cords are of a tough professional strength and are simply replaced by its push and pull action. The cords are pre cut to length with four on the head and it takes around 30 seconds to change them all. 

The Filmatic works well if the grass or weeds are no higher than about 300mm but if there are tougher stronger mature plants such as nettles it is better to use the Boisselet Mini Rotofil. 

As the Boisselet carrying frame is designed to be multi-functional it is possible to add on various inter vine cultivators thus making it extremely versatile and useful.