Landini’s TREKKER4, with a category 4 cab, was on show at EIMA for the first time, with a series of other innovations introduced on the latest models in the range. 

The year 2022 has seen the debut of the Stage V-emission compliant Landini Trekker4, equipped with a passive regeneration DPF, a DOC oxidation catalyst and, only for models with over 75 horsepower, the SCR selective emission reduction catalyst and a 10.5 litre AdBlue tank. The 4-085, 4-095, 4-105, 4-110 and 4-120 models offer power outputs ranging from a minimum of 75hp up to a maximum of 112hp. They are available in the versions F or M and with 400mm metal or rubber tracks. Its style follows the new and appreciated family feeling adopted for the new Landini tractors.

The big new development is the Trekker 4-120M with a cab that is already category 4 compliant, according to the most stringent EU regulations in terms of operator safety, which includes an enhanced ventilation system on board, capable of controlling the internal pressurisation value, and active carbon filters. Passenger compartment pressurisation and filtration neutralise dust, pollutants and gases, also protecting the driver from the risks from treating vegetation in vineyards or orchards with pesticides. The cab is innovative in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, technology and is very comfortable. Unlike other crawler tractors, which mount the cab on a vehicle with a platform, the Trekker4 offers a structural solution, i.e. a monocoque, making the tractor more compact in terms of design. This is an aspect on which Argo Tractors places the greatest emphasis in order to accommodate comfort and aesthetics. In addition to the cab version, there is also the Trekker 4-110F, which comes in a platform version and with metal tracks, providing a minimum width of 310mm and an increased track width of 32mm thanks to special spacers.

Totally new at EIMA in November was the most compact crawler in its category, the Landini Trekker3 Compact, a flat platform machine that is an evolution of Landini’s predecessor, the Trekker F Compact. Unbeatable in terms of compactness in its segment, it is ideal for work in difficult conditions and in very narrow rows. Equipped with Kohler four cylinder, 16 valve, 2.5 litre engines, chosen for their compactness and performance, while meeting Stage V emission criteria thanks to regeneration-free DOC systems that do not affect machine productivity in any way. Manoeuvrability, handling, even on slopes, and ease of use are ensured by the ultra-compact dimensions of the Trekker3 Compact, with a minimum ground clearance of 213mm and an overall width of 1,150mm.