A new trailed mist sprayer specifically designed for applying crop protection chemicals in vineyards has been launched by Kuhn Farm Machinery.
The ANTIS sprayer, which was on display at South East England’s machinery show Agri-Expo (SE), is available in three tank sizes (1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 litres) with each version equipped with either a round or v-shaped mist blower using an inverted suction turbine to provide accurate and comprehensive mist coverage.
Fitted with 14 double rotary misting jets, there are three versions of the round turbine available (720mm, 820mm and 920mm diameter) with the v-shaped ‘tower’ blower equipped with either 18, 20 or 22 jets (72, 82 and 92 model versions) to deliver a ‘blade’ of mist to a height of up to 7.6 metres.
On all models the inverted air intake is positioned at the front of the machine to minimise the recirculation of sprayed products. Its location towards the front of the sprayer also prevents the pick-up of debris and foreign objects such as vegetation which could obstruct air intake and reduce the machine’s operational efficiency.
The ANTIS’ v-shaped stack blower has been tested on apple and plum trees on farms in Kent and Herefordshire. At both locations, the trials proved that the ANTIS is capable of applying an accurate and consistent coverage of chemicals to a height of up to 7.6 meters on trees with and without leaves.
The new machine’s spraying controls are grouped together at the front of the machine for quick access, with the sprayer unit’s suction and pressure filters also positioned in front of the tank for efficient access and maintenance.
Spraying functions are controlled via an in-cab control panel, with an optional DPAE Bravo regulator enabling operators to continuously adjust the flowrate according to forward speed, and to operate left/right section control functions.
The ANTIS is based on a galvanised steel, corrosion resistant chassis which features all the necessary design elements to comply with the latest spraying standards and traffic regulations (DREAL 40km/h approval). The ANTIS is also supplied with a pre-approved National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) certificate.
An optional Cat I and Cat II articulated/pivoting drawbar, with a wide-angle driveshaft for improved reliability, enables easier turning on the shortest headlands. Other options include a stainless-steel mixing sieve, stainless steel bottle rinser and low-pressure wheels and tyres.