Into the Wild UK are shepherd hut manufacturers situated in the East Midlands. Owner, Phil Kerry and his son Jonny studied viticulture at Plumpton College in East Sussex. In 2007 three shepherd huts were placed within the family’s vineyard. 

Unfortunately the vineyard suffered several years with no crop due to the late spring frosts and it became apparent at this time that far more income was being produced from the three shepherd huts than from the wine business. The feel of living amongst the vines is a wonderful experience especially during the summer months. 

The shepherd huts have a kitchen, bathroom, double bed and small dining area that can sleep two people. Larger huts have pull out sides that can sleep four people. Some are made for severe winters and can be let out all year round. They include extra thick insulation, a space age thermal wrap, double glazing, thermostatically controlled heated pipe work and an insulated boiler housing. The huts are available with a wood burning stove.

Themed huts are available and include images of vines, wine barrels or anything else that the customer desires.

Larger huts have pull out sides for extra space, some even have copper baths.

A range of balconies are available.

  • Shepherd huts start at £18,000 including VAT for a 12’ by 7’ model delivered flat pack for self-assembly.
  • 18’ models with double bed, kitchen, bathroom and small dining area are £36,750 including VAT
  • An all year super insulated version of the above is £39,900 including VAT.

How much can I earn from my hut?

At 60% occupancy each hut can earn £30,000. Some sites manage 100% occupancy and even have a waiting list. Most visitors are creatures of habit and will return on a regular basis.

From their vast knowledge of the industry, Into the Wild UK have developed a successful design for holiday purposes that is a realistic price and receive excellent reviews from all who stay in them. It is a lovely way to encourage people to really connect with the vines and the wines that are made from them. A shepherd hut in the vineyard will generate direct income but will also enhance the visitor experience and encourage wine sales.

Planning matters

If shepherd huts are out of sight of neighbouring properties, public view and are safely accessed from the road, planning permission should not be an issue. This however can be an expensive and a lengthy process.

Into the Wild UK can offer an exemption licence which allow for up to five huts (plus tents) on an all-year-round basis without the need for formal planning permission. The process can take as little as three weeks. It is also an interesting fact that glamping sites operating under an exemption licence are more likely to be granted planning permission with future applications.

Other uses for shepherd huts in the vineyard include a wine tasting room, wine shop and a small winery.