Having established over 300 vineyards across the UK, VineWorks know that using high quality, reliable products is the secret to creating durable trellising systems. That’s why we’ve used Gripple products to support our vineyard installations for over 15 years.  

A brief history of Gripple

Founded in 1988 in Sheffield, the company’s breakthrough came with the invention of the Gripple fastener – a unique wire tensioning device that streamlined the installation process and significantly improved the efficiency of fencing systems in agriculture, viticulture, construction and other industries worldwide.

Today, Gripple remains a pioneering force in the market, known for its commitment to sustainable design and environmentally-friendly practices. 

Quality first

Gripple products provide significant time and labour savings during installation and maintenance processes. By using Gripple products, users can achieve higher efficiency and accuracy, leading to reduced project timelines and overall costs. The products are also designed with sustainability in mind, utilising minimal materials and reducing waste. 

Gripple’s state-of-the-art technology ensures consistent and reliable performance, enhancing the safety and durability of installations. Versatility, cost-effectiveness and an impressive adaptability to different soil types, make Gripple products a preferred choice. Whether the soil is rocky, sandy, clay or loam, Gripple’s wire joining and tensioning solutions can easily accommodate the specific characteristics of each soil type.

Commitment to innovation

The strong relationship between Gripple and VineWorks stems from their complementary expertise in the agricultural industry. Together, they have revolutionised the way vineyards are established and maintained in the UK, providing cutting-edge products and services that enhance productivity and sustainability in grape-growing operations. 

Gripple’s advanced trellising systems offer superior support for grapevines, while VineWorks’ expertise in vineyard establishment and management optimises vine health and yields. 

This collaboration has not only resulted in significant improvements in grape cultivation, but has fostered a direct partnership between the two companies, leading to continued success in the ever-evolving world of viticulture.

Insider’s view

We asked Jake Hallatt, Agricultural Sales Manager, to provide some insight on Gripple’s product range for vineyards. 

Most popular vineyard product:

“The Gripple Plus Medium, the most versatile product in our range. It is often used for cordon wires and foliage wires as well as end post bracing.” 

In May 2023, Gripple announced they reached an incredible milestone – the production of the one billionth fastener!

What new vineyard products are in development? 

“We consulted with VineWorks to design a new end post hanger that allows vineyards to benefit from the speed of using the VIT-S, regardless of what type of post they are using. The hanger will be delivered flat and is designed to easily wrap around different sized end posts – metal, wood or concrete.

Gripple APEX Anchors have been in production since 2014 creating a secure, fixed anchoring point below the ground. No pre-digging or ground preparation is required, dramatically reducing installation time. The streamlined profile is designed to provide exceptional holding power and stability in a wide range of soil types whilst providing minimal soil disturbance during the installation. 

Contractors use Gripple APEX Anchors because of their ease of installation, reduced environmental impact and superior performance compared to traditional anchoring methods. 

We are developing a more comprehensive range of corrosion resistant fibre anchors that will match the performance of the current wire rope anchors.”

What new products should vineyard owners and managers consider? 

GP Fix is the latest vineyard trellising innovation from Gripple, designed to provide a quick, simple and professional solution when repairing broken trellis wires.

Key benefits:

  • Speed and ease of use – The two piece design allows the repairer to add secure gripping points at either side of the broken wire; the pieces are simply pulled together and the snap fit mechanism provides a quick and easy join.
  • Tidier repair –A long, smooth profile with no protruding wires, means it’s less likely to be caught by people or machinery in the future, delivering a professional finish in the vineyard.
  • Compatibility – Accepts wire diameters from 1.8 – 3.2mm with a maximum load rating of 400kg meaning it’s suitable for use with Gripple Plus Medium and GP1 when re-tensioning wires at end posts
  • Market leading technology – corrosion resistant zinc alloy and ceramic rollers deliver trusted, long lasting repairs.

VineWorks look forward to continuously developing and expanding Gripple’s range of vineyard products; working together to secure the future of UK vineyards, one vine at a time.