Gripple, the market leading manufacturer of wire joiners and tensions for agricultural fencing, has released a new wire joiner specifically for use with high tensile barbed wire.

The new High Tensile joiner is 16 per cent stronger than using a traditional wire knot, thanks to Gripple’s patented corrosion resistant ceramic wedge technology, which means barbed wire joints last the lifetime of the fence.

Part of Gripple’s new Barbed range, which also includes a Mild Steel joiner, the High Tensile joiner has been specifically designed to grip the unique shape of barbed wire, proving long lasting joints for installation or repair.

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials, the High Tensile joiner is designed to last the lifetime of the fence. In addition, with its built-in release function, it enables release and adjustment if needed.

Gripple Product Manager, Tom Wire, explains: “We have responded to demand from the market for a wire joiner which is compatible with high tensile barbed wire. The wire joiner makes fences even quicker and more straightforward to install and allows for easy maintenance and repair.   For fencing contractors and farmers this will mean major time and cost savings.”

Gripple’s new High Tensile joiner is compatible with standard wire thicknesses from 1.57mm to 2mm.

As part of the new Gripple Barbed range, both the High Tensile and Mild Steel Barbed wire joiners offer a multitude of benefits.   Compatible with barbed wire of 2.00mm to 2.50mm thicknesses, the Mild Steel Barbed wire joiner, like the High Tensile version, is easy to use, quick to install and very reliable.

Gripple has applied 30+ years of tried and tested wire joining technology to its Barbed wire joiners, which have been specifically developed to grip the unique undulating shape of barbed wire.

Gripple’s Barbed range is available from local, regional and national fencing and agricultural retailers across the UK.