The South East of England has been rapidly garnering attention as a premier destination for wine tourism. Recognising the need to connect wine enthusiasts with the plethora of award-winning vineyards and wineries in the area, WineGB South East has developed an interactive map featuring 45 esteemed producers from the region. Graphic design maestro Lila Hunnisett has lent her creative prowess to the project, crafting a visually stunning map that beckons exploration.

The newly unveiled map serves as a comprehensive guide for tourists, providing valuable information to plan their wine adventures. Spanning across multiple counties, it highlights accessibility, wine tours, shops, bars, as well as dining and accommodation options.

The launch event was a delightful affair, with vineyard representatives, vineyard tourism businesses and press coming together to celebrate this significant milestone. Many of the vineyards brought along current and new vintage wines to toast the celebrations and share an ignited passion for English wines.

The success of the WineGB South East map launch wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of individuals like Belinda Mercer from Wine GB South East, who played a pivotal role in organizing the event. Special recognition is also due to Fergus from Balfour for his outstanding master of ceremonies skills, adding flair and excitement to the evening. A big thank you must also go to Wiston Estates for hosting and Rick and Kirsty Goring for their wonderful hospitality.

The maps are set to be distributed throughout the South East, in many tourist hotspots, all of the South East Vineyards, all of Balfours many pubs, and Gladwin Bros restaurants in London. The map promises to be a trusty companion for exploring the region’s vibrant wine culture. For those unable to get their hands on a physical copy, the map is also available online at