Vigo invite you to the very first Fermentis Academy Oenology UK, a one day event brought to you in conjunction with Fermentis (Lesaffre), key global players in yeasts and fermentation solutions. 

As a result of professional winemakers wanting to understand more of the process of fermentation and the subtleties involved on both a technical and practical level, Fermentis will be sharing with you their knowledge and expertise through a range of specially tailored seminars, which include:

  • What is active dried yeast?
  • Sparkling wine production
  • Improving production with fermentation aids, yeast derivatives and functional products 
  • Optimal nutrition for healthy fermentation
  • Strategies for SO2 reduction 

The speakers include oenologists, scientists and engineers from Fermentis: Maryam Ehsani PhD Oenology & B.Sc. Biochemistry, Food Microbiology & Fermentation Engineering; Dr Gino Baart, PhD Nutrition, Food Technology & Biotechnology & M.Sc. Biotechnology, winner of the Science Communication Award; and David Carriba Alonso: R&D and production specialist, higher degree Oenology.

The Academy will be held at the brand new Agri-Food Centre at Plumpton College, East Sussex.

Places are limited so book your place as soon as you can.

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