The vine post

During May you might have planted new vines for future production, whether expanding an existing vineyard or starting from scratch. Now that the busy time of planting is over you’ll be turning your mind to implementing trellis systems to support these young vines. Previously we have discussed the merits of galvanising, and the materials used in the construction of posts we use in vineyards today. But what of the rest of the trellis system; which material do you need and what about installation…? Continue reading “The vine post”

Hard labour for great wine

Many would say it’s the winemakers who craft the vintages who are the most valuable people in the industry, others may argue it’s the owners who fund the purchase of vineyards and provide financial capital, perhaps it’s the wine marketing department or even the consumer. However to make great wine you need good grapes, and this wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the dedication of the migrant vineyard workers. Continue reading “Hard labour for great wine”

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